Polygraph test in Santa Clarita

Polygraph test in Newhall

A Santa Clarita
polygraph exam:
--allows up to 4
questions written
by the client

--follows a 3-part
Federal format:
PreTest, Test,
and PostTest
changes to
blood, sweat,
and breathing

--can be used
for infidelity,
theft, abuse,
and much more

Santa Clarita lie detector test for the public

Gold Standard
polygraph service

Santa Clarita
818 883-6969

Polygraph test in Canyon Country

To become a
law enforcement
officer for most
police and sheriff
agencies, as well
as all federal law
agencies such as
FBI and CIA, a
person must first
pass a polygraph
test. YOU can use
the exact SAME
technology to
solve your issue.

Santa Clarita polygraph test

Lie detector
testing in Santa
Clarita is available
7 days a week.
For a better price,
testing is available
in the nearby
San Fernando Valley
for only $144!

Santa Clarita polygraph

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visit another
website for exact
details about
how a polygraph
actually works

in Santa Clarita